Now on Bandcamp

We now have a Bandcamp page that will function as our store on Now, along with our normal CDs, merch, etc., we can offer you high resolution digital downloads directly from us. The upside to this is that the prices will be better and each download comes with lyrics, PDF files of the original CD packaging/booklets, and the choice of format you want the album in (320kpbs mp3s,... read more »

Now Streaming and Free Downloads

We’ve updated our Discography page with some new tracks for you to listen to. There are now at least 2 songs from each CD posted (including the live CD) and most of these are available as free downloads on our Facebook page, or on our Soundcloud page. For now, here’s a different track from The Nightside EP.

Welcome, 2013.

Good Evening to you. We hope the new year finds you well… We want to thank you for all of the overwhelming support for Wildwood you’ve been showing us. We honestly didn’t expect such a passionate reaction. Anyone with questions or comments about the album, please feel free to write us here or on Facebook. We’ve been having some interesting dialogue with some of you and we’d like to keep... read more »
Hello everyone, The first word you see in our descriptions on Facebook and Twitter is “misanthropy”. That is not due to an indiscriminate hatred for life. It’s more a dismally extreme lack of faith in humanity due to the injustices/lies/corruption/disrespect/cowardice/worship of materialism/lack of individuality/condemnation of individuality/etc. we are all exposed to everyday. More often than not, we don’t leave our homes except to go to work. We don’t have many... read more »

From a recent newsletter regarding the upcoming album Wildwood

This project has been very personal, challenging, and enlightening for us. As I said in one of the past newsletters, Wildwood is a commentary of sorts on human nature using nature-based imagery throughout the album. One way we explored these ideas was to keep the music (and lyrics, now that I think of it) as instinctual as possible.  Most of the songs were recorded literally as each small part... read more »

Wildwood Pre-Order Now Available

Both standard and special edition of Wildwood now available for pre-order for a December 13th release in the Seraphim House store. A Wolf’s Age and Smoke In The Sky will be on sale until that date as well! Cleaning house! Here are two more tracks from Wildwood. We hope you enjoy all the new stuff!