New color T-Shirt. Ride The Goat!

We weren’t happy with the quality of our last shirt so we switched printers. This one came out awesome. Sorry, Bono, but we’ve found what we’re looking for. Ride The Goat! Happy Holidays! <333

Excerpts from Rhythm of Wildwood

Hello everyone, Here are a few free page downloads from the Rhythm of Wildwood book. We have the Stave Fire transcription, the commentary from Stave Fire, and an excerpt from the interview in the back.          I hope you enjoy these! Thank you, Neil

Rhythm of Wildwood

Hello Everyone, It’s definitely been awhile and we apologize for the silence. As usual, I’ll try to keep it short and I apologize if I fail. The last few months Neil has been working like an animal on drum transcriptions for the Wildwood album. He’s decided to create a nice little artifact out of it and have it printed in book format. So there you have it, Rhythm Of... read more »

Grande Rock Interviews 1476

Here’s a new interview with us from Greece’s Grande Rock. We talk Wildwood, misanthropy, art, religion, etc. “It’s wonderful to happen upon new & independent bands that have their own philosophy and musical approach. That may not be very usual in our time but I can assure you that there are bands which have both the quality and the talent to deliver interesting & thought-provoking music. 1476 is one... read more »

1476 Featured on The Soggy Bog Music Show

Check out the Soggy Bog music program! “A couple of 1476 tracks on this weeks show!”   Soggy Bog 125 NEW Jex Thoth, Blood Ceremony, Cultura Tres, Coltsblood, Funeral Circle, Earthlord, The Serpent Overlord, Witch Hazel and more!  

Wildwood Review on Grande Rock eZine

Hello everyone! Wildwood was recently reviewed on the Grande Rock website based out of Greece. We will be posting an additional interview done by Thanos from GR quite soon. 1476 – Wildwood, Grande Rock eZine “My personal journey for “new music territories” and new bands/artists is like an eternal journey… sometimes you get to meet new places and discover their appealing music sounds…” Read Full Review »