Good Evening Everyone,

I’m going to try to keep this as brief as possible. After our show on Sunday, December 18th in Beverly, MA we will no longer be playing live. This will be our final show. There are many, many reasons for this but what it ultimately comes down to is that our hearts are not in it…more so mine than anyone else’s. I’ve never shared these feelings with anyone until very recently and I’ve always tried to stay positive and “make the best of it” in the hopes that I’d feel better about playing. I’m sorry to say, it backfired. I’m tempted to get into details but I don’t want to send that negativity your way. My love and enjoyment lies in the creative process, in recording, and releasing music.

Neil has many reasons for not wanting to play as well but, for him, it seems more of a temporary thing. We know what many of the solutions to this problem are but we don’t have the means to put them into motion at this time…and honestly, I have no desire to. For some of my issues, I feel the ONLY solution is to stop playing live. Will it permanent? We have no idea…but, to be honest, at this point, it’s not something I’m going to be thinking about anymore. If the opportunity arises and we feel good about it, we’ll do it, but I can’t see that happening anytime soon. Too much negativity and issues have arisen as a result of playing shows. Luckily, none of this negativity is between us as friends or musicians and we are actually happier as a result of this decision. We’ve been carrying a lot of weight as individuals but, fortunately, no negativity towards each other. It was actually surprising to me to find out Neil has been feeling awful for many of the same reasons I have been. I wish we talked sooner but we don’t take to talking about feelings too often. We usually just put our heads down and work.

We are currently recording and will continue to do so. It’s going slow and steady because the album we’re trying to make is going to be an ambitious one. There’s about 30 songs in the works and we’re recording it ourselves so it’s become a time consuming but enjoyable, creative process. The album will be out in 2012 and obviously we will keep you posted with our progress. Since we won’t be playing live, you can expect a lot more albums and EPs from us on a more regular basis. We have some interesting ideas that we’d like to pursue to add to releasing music more frequently but we will remain quiet about them at the moment. It’s too soon to get into details and our main focus is getting through this one last show and continuing to record our next album in a timely manner.

I hope you are all well and have a wonderful, perverse, bacchanalian holiday if you don’t hear from us until the new year.