Smoke in the Sky Pre-Order

We’ve posted two songs from the new EP on Facebook. We hope you like them. They’re acoustic, they’re intimate, they’re home recorded, and they’re ready to be shipped off to pressing. The pre-order for this EP is now available on our merch page. There will only be 400 copies of this available and, believe it or not, some of you sneaky devils have already ordered it while we were trying to post it to the website! So, our hats off to you! Also, the first 100 copies will come with a bonus CD and anything else we can find to throw in. First cum, first serve. Where ever your order ends up on our store page is the number CD you will receive. Below, you will find the album cover.

Thank you everyone for all your support. We hope you enjoy this. Next year, we will be back to rip your faces off with Wildwood. The acoustic version of a Wildwood song called When The Curtain Falls has also been posted to the Facebook page. This was recorded at a recent live show. IAO +1476+