Our Season Draws Near


Our Season Draws Near focuses on personal experiences with isolation, solitude, alienation, and resignation. The music reflects these emotions and themes by stripping away most of the dense layers and production from past albums to deliver something raw, intimate, isolated, and direct—a small candle flame of life, lost in the middle of a winter void.

  1. Our Silver Age
  2. Ettins
  3. Winter Of Winds
  4. Solitude (Exterior)
  5. Odessa
  6. Sorgen (Sunwheels)
  7. Solitude (Interior)
  8. By Torchlight
  9. Winter Of Wolves
  10. Our Ice Age

Edgar Allan Poe: A Life Of Hope & Despair


Edgar Allan Poe: A Life Of Hope & Despair is our first work in the realm of soundtracks. As opposed to his literary works, this music aims to explore the melancholic & quaint life, love, and death of Poe. The mood and ambience that usually lives on the periphery of our work takes center stage here. Each song draws upon neoclassical and experimental influences to weave piano & string sections with analogue synthesizers, samples, glitch, and drone into an atmospheric, yet engaging, album.

  1. A Circle Of Hope & Despair
  2. Extraction Environs
  3. Little Love Voice
  4. A Circle Is Eternal
  5. Illness Environs
  6. Death Environs
  7. Gutter Death Posture
  8. A Circle Of Guilt & Grief

The Nightside


Four songs from the Wildwood recording sessions released in a 6 panel wallet as part of the Wildwood Limited Edition Set. The Nightside EP is a somber, poised, and atmospheric counterpoint to Wildwood’s dense, driving, and at times abrasive sound.

  1. Mutable : Cardinal
  2. Know Thyself, Dandy
  3. Good Morning, Blackbird (Alternate Version)
  4. The Nightside



An Art Rock album with Progressive and Experimental undertones. This is a commentary on human nature using Hermetic, elemental, and animal imagery–sometimes metaphorically, sometimes not. Sometimes personal, sometimes universal. These ideas are reflected musically as well. This was attempted by placing an emphasis on the more “wooden” sounding instruments, trying to create more of an earthy, heavy, and grounded vibe. The other instruments serve as substance and sky to hopefully balance this out. About 90% of the music was written as it was being recorded with minimal rehearsal and takes. They were recorded very much “in the moment” to keep the delivery organic or human to fit the theme.

  1. Black Cross/Death Rune
  2. Watchers
  3. The Dagger
  4. Banners In Bohemia
  5. Good Morning, Blackbird
  6. Horse Dysphoria
  7. Stave-Fire
  8. Bohemian Spires
  9. An Atrophy Trophy
  10. Shoreless
  11. The Golden Alchemy

Smoke in the Sky


An EP limited to acoustic guitars, bowed & finger picked stand-up bass, piano, drums, and an analogue synthesizer to create drones for backdrops/ambience. The lyrics focus on self-realization and destroying/overcoming obstacles to be reborn as a stronger, healthier self. This is a Hermetic idea relating to an inner alchemy—the turning of lead into gold—or the old self into a new, more enlightened self. The lyrics relay these ideas metaphorically through personal experiences. The first and last songs serve as an intro/outro and are more moody, organic, & experimental with female spoken word. The overall sound is of a tribal/folk nature.

  1. Ave Apollyon
  2. To Draw the Fifteen
  3. To Reveal the Shadow Self
  4. To Call Up Smoke
  5. To Lye in Waite
  6. Ave Apollo